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2019 - Present

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Dr. Tullett's lab examines scientific, religious, and political beliefs, and the factors that facilitate or impede belief change.

Her work takes a meta-scientific approach, using psychological methods to study the beliefs and practices of psychological scientists.

In a nutshell, FORRT is a Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training advancing research transparency, reproducibility, rigor, and ethics through pedagogical reform and meta-scientific research. FORRT provides a pedagogical infrastructure & didactic resources designed to recognize and support the teaching and mentoring of open and reproducible science. FORRT strives to raise awareness of the pedagogical implications of open and reproducible science and its associated challenges (i.e., curricular reform, epistemological uncertainty, methods of education) and advocates for the opening and formal recognition of teaching and mentoring materials to facilitate access, discovery, and learning to those who otherwise would be educationally disenfranchised.

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The Psychological Science Accelerator is a globally distributed network of psychological science laboratories with 1328 members representing 84 countries on all six populated continents, that coordinates data collection for democratically selected studies.

Our mission is to accelerate the accumulation of reliable and generalizable evidence in psychological science, reducing the distance between truth about human behavior and mental processes and our current understanding. This challenge cannot be adequately met by a single researcher or small team. Instead, we attempt to meet this challenge with a distributed laboratory network that is ongoing (as opposed to time or task limited), diverse (both in terms of human subjects and participating researchers), and inclusive (we welcome ideas, contributions, study proposals, or other input from anyone in the field of psychology).



Spearheading a local chapter at the University of Alabama

ReproducibiliTea journal clubs help early career researchers build a local community of ECRs interested in open and reproducible research. It can be very isolating to be one of the few within a research group, or department, that are actively engaged or interested in improving research practices. ReproducibiliTea helps researchers who want to change this.

UA Spring 2022 Reading Agenda

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The Warbler Newsletter Contributor

Click here for our Lab's Submission: Issue 59, May 25th, 2021 

The Story of APAEP

The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project was built on the belief that all people deserve access to education, and that the creative spirit is an essential part of our humanity. Education, for us, means introducing new levels of engagement with curiosity, creativity, and intellectual pursuits. Education, for us, means fostering pathways through the inherent interconnectedness of learning and creating. The kind of educational engagement we believe in becomes a way of living, where people have individual agency and voice and become the agents of change in their communities.

We work to create spaces of respect, trust, and empathy where people have the opportunity—through the act of learning—to take ownership of their stories and journeys. APAEP exists for students, and we value their voices to help shape our community and our future initiatives.

We understand that this is rarely a simple process. Learning can be messy. Signing up for a class can mean taking a risk. People with good intentions still stumble. Maintaining open and honest communication with our students has been fundamental to the history of APAEP. The voices and experiences of people who take our classes have guided this program’s development.

We also recognize that access to education is nothing without inclusion. Systems of inequality remain pervasive inside and outside of prison, but every single APAEP class is part of a cooperative investment in the future. People grow best in community with other people, especially those of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and values. We believe individual and collective successes are inextricably linked, and working toward a better life, a better system, and a better world requires both individual voices and collective action.

APAEP is a community that is always growing, always becoming. Over the last two decades, APAEP has served thousands of people inside. Thousands have joined with teachers, artists, allies, supporters, and advocates across the state and nation. With every new student, supporter, educator, and friend, our community strengthens and grows. No matter your background, your interests, or the reasons you have found us here, you are welcome. We want to hear from you.

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